2013 March Stewards Minutes

March 3, 2013
Stewards Meeting Minutes

Present: Deborah (moderator), Margreta (worship), Sandra (recorder), Peter, Brenda, Keith, Lewise, Pat, Dave, Trish (angel), Jacqie, Majory (angel)
Absent: Cynthia, Ken
Observers: Elizabeth, Chris

Housekeeping: next meeting is April 7th at 5:30 – Keith, moderator; Lewise, worship; Marjory, recorder; Pat & Jacqie, angels


Bokamoso – Peter
• career workshop went well despite the weather interfering with the job site visits – Dave recommended that a backup plan for this kind of eventuality be built into the structure – Brenda reported that was already being discussed but that this year the cancellation seemed to be provident as the youth might not really have been ready for that step
• Seekers wrote invitation letter to the embassy in South Africa including detailing how participants were being provided for, for the first time
• Bokamoso Foundation 501c3 was suspended so Seekers once again was the repository for $52,481 raised through 131 donations, and Peter signed a formal agreement outlining how the money was to be handled
• Kathy Tobias has been the Seekers representative on the foundation board which is not entirely appropriate as she is not a regular attendee at Seekers – Roy believes that Elese is willing to step into that role
• Seekers would like to work out an MOU with the Foundation re future Seekers involvement and we’ll either attend their Board meeting (if it does not conflict with Stewards, which it probably will) or have SLT meet with a few from BYF Board.

Stewards extends the career workshop planners and mentors their sincere thanks for their tremendous work

Retreats 2013 – Brenda
• Women’s Retreat is scheduled for April 27th at Cynthia’s – led by Patsy from Cedar Ridge who was part of the Spiritual Companionship workshop at the Cathedral
• Men’s Retreat is scheduled for April 26th – 27th at Still Point – Keith noted that there are weekdays available for individual retreats
• Spring Silent Retreat is scheduled for April 19th – 21st with Glen leading – registration will begin soon
• Fall Silent Retreat is scheduled for September 27th – 29th – Jim Hall and Cheryl Hellner
• Rolling Ridge Spring Work Group is scheduled for April 5th – 7th
• Rolling Ridge Stations of the Cross/Easter event is scheduled for March 29th – April 1st

2013 Guatemala Pilgrimage – Marjory
• scheduled for July 13th – 23rd is full – 22 participants of which 8 are energetic youth
• youth involvement feels like rebirth of Seekers youth ministry through the pilgrimage
• Aeren is currently in Guatemala helping PAVA pick work site in La Loma – lot has some challenges to be resolved
• Lutheran Center in Antigua will no longer house pilgrims, but arrangements were made with the small hotel where pilgrims have been staying for the last night for the last few years at the same daily rate for the first week
• International Giving designated $12,000 for PAVA for 2013, 2014, and 2015
• pilgrim prompts are already going out
• 2 people who went a few years ago on scholarship are now paying their own way as regular participants and have taken on doing the bio book as Ray is unable to do so this year

International Giving – Dave
• 3 year commitments made to PAVA for $12,000, Bokamoso for $10,000, and Othandweni for $10,000

Potter’s House – Keith
• Shelley and Kayla did a Q&A session at Seekers on February 24th regarding disbanding of PH Church and request to CofS communities to care for the ministry and property
• can the property be transferred to CofS like the Dayspring Farm property will come up at the council meeting in 2 weeks
• Ecumenical Council is NOT being asked to take over ministry
• 3 CofS communities will continue to meet at PH
• Shelley and Kayla spoke with folks at 8th Day who have expressed a willingness to be part of a transitional team if that comes to pass
• what actions are needed to safeguard the remaining ½ of the proceeds from the sale of 2025
• property is worth upwards of $3,000,000
• will a transition team be charged with coming up with a long term sustainability plan
• transition team should set conditions for the ministry and should be accountable for benchmarks toward attaining goals
• PH is a touch point of how a church can be different that has been held up for the world to see
• Stewards was in agreement that the proposal set forth by PH Church go forward with clear directions to continually discern viability of ministry with the Ecumenical Council holding the deed, and acts as trustee of reserve funds

Ideal Academy Loan – Peter
Peter read the thank you note from Reverend Paulette Bell Imani that accompanied the repayment of $10,000 loan Seekers gave to the Academy

Seekers to Share – Peter

Soul Talk

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