Seekers recognizes that any member of the community may be called upon by God to give us the Word. Our Guidelines for Preaching help us prepare sermons. This section collects for study and reflection drafts of sermons that happen to have been prepared in electronic form. The most recent sermon is on the top of the page.

Paul Holmes: Rejoice, We Are Children of God

April 21, 1996

The experience of parenthood has opened for me a whole new understanding of and appreciation for God. Because of this new understanding, I find myself at times overwhelmed and in awe of the love God has for me — and for all of creation.


Marjory Zoet Bankson: Three Questions for Easter

April 07, 1996

Mary stood weeping outside the tomb. “Why are you weeping?” the angels asked. “Why are you weeping?” Jesus asked. Isn’t the answer obvious? Why did these heavenly messengers ask Mary such a stupid question? Each time, she pulls herself together and gives an answer.


David Lloyd: The News from Galilee

April 31, 1996

[The preacher is dressed as a carpenter. He is at his bench, talking as he works, shaving boards with a draw knife and cutting boards with a hatchet.] Shalom Aaron. Welcome, I knew you’d come for Passover. Welcome, since it’s a long time.


Deborah Sokolove: Considering Individual and Community

April 24, 1996

Lent is a time of introspection. This season is connected with the time of Jesus’ testing in the wilderness. It is a commonplace that going to Seminary is also a time of testing. As I have been struggling to understand the historical doctrines of the church and to articulate my own systematic theology, my faith indeed is being tested. This has been a time of intense questioning of my relationship to community, of my responsibilities to my community of origin, and to you, my chosen family of faith.