School for Christian Growth Fall 2018 Second Term

Tuesday evenings 7 p.m.–9:30 p.m.
November 6 –December 11

Classes are free and open to all. We serve a light vegetarian dinner before the class, for which we request a $5 donation. We value the conversation and sense of community we share during the meal and clean-up and find it deepens our connection to the classes that follow. Dinner starts at 7:00 and classes begin at 7:45.

We are offering the following two classes this term. You need not be a member of Seekers Church to participate.

Following Jesus: Living Into Your Sense of Call

Led by Marjory Bankson

Marjory Zoet Bankson

Work, family, citizenship, and mission groups—these are four areas of ministry in daily life thatSeekers Church values and supports. What does it mean to “follow one’s call” in these important areas, and how do we listen for and discern God’s voice?

Each week, a different Seeker will present his or her journey, and we will have a chance to ask our questions, knowing that no one person has definitive answers. We have asked Billy Amoss, Marcia Sprague, Roy Barber, Denise Leclair, Oswaldo Montoya, and Trish Nemore to be our guests and guides along the way. There may be others as well.

Since we will begin on Election Night, the class will also include discussion of what it means to follow Jesus in a time of political chaos and polarization.

Marjory Bankson is a seasoned spiritual guide, published author, artist, and regular teacher at Seekers.

Soul Collage 

Led by Jacqie Wallen

Jacqie Wallen

Soul Collage is a creative and personal collage process for creating 5″× 8″ cards that can be used for self-awareness, discernment, and spiritual growth. In this class we will learn about the elements of the Soul Collage deck of cards, and begin our own decks. We will practice using our decks with a partner to scribe for us, and will share what we have learned in the group. Materials will be provided.

Jacqie Wallen is a clinical social worker and a trained Soul Collage facilitator.

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