School for Christian Growth Spring 2019 First Term

Tuesday evenings 7 p.m.–9:30 p.m.
February 5 –March 12

Classes are free and open to all. We serve a light vegetarian dinner before the class, for which we request a $5 donation. We value the conversation and sense of community we share during the meal and clean-up and find it deepens our connection to the classes that follow. Dinner starts at 7:00 and classes begin at 7:45.

We are offering the following two classes this term. You need not be a member of Seekers Church to participate.

The Good News According to Mark

Led by David Lloyd

Reading the Gospel of Mark, we will focus on Jesus’ “good news” and seek our individual answers to several questions. These include Jesus’ questions to the disciples: “Who do people say that I am?” and “Who do you say that I am?” and such others as “Why did people say that about Jesus?” and “Is the story of Jesus good news for me?” Assignments for homework will include the scripture and written journaling to share in class. This class fulfills half of the New Testament class requirement for becoming a Steward in Seekers Church.

David Lloyd is the moderator of the Seekers Church Learners & Teachers Mission Group and a member of the church’s Servant Leadership Team. He frequently leads our classes on various scriptures, church history and tradition, and spiritual growth.

“Resist Not Evil”: Christian Responses to Violence

Led by John Morris & Trish Nemore

We will examine the difficult and seemingly “passive” teachings of Jesus about responding to violence and oppression. After looking at traditional Christian understandings of these teachings, we’ll turn to the stories of how 20th century Christians like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dorothy Day rose to this challenge, and consider the relevance of past teachings and actions to our lives right now, in the era of global awareness and of Donald Trump. We’ll also hear from members of Seekers who have devoted energy and commitment to peacemaking, and explore helpful practices to sustain us in our daily lives.

John Morris has taught for many years at The Writer’s Center and at the Seekers School for Christian Growth. He writes fiction and poetry, and has a Master’s degree in philosophy. Trish Nemore has, for most of her adult life, engaged in efforts to overcome oppression primarily through policy advocacy, an avenue of nonviolent change unique to some citizens of open, democratic societies. In 2002 and beyond, she was active in the creation and ongoing work of the Seekers Church Peace Witness group, and studied nonviolent conflict engagement at Common Ground on the Hill. She is curious about and challenged by the gospel teachings.

Carroll Cafe -- Saturday, April 13th 2019
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