School for Christian Growth Fall 2018 First Term

Tuesday evenings 7 p.m.–9:30 p.m.
September 25–October 30

Classes are free and open to all. We serve a light vegetarian dinner before the class, for which we request a $5 donation. We value the conversation and sense of community we share during the meal and clean-up and find it deepens our connection to the classes that follow. Dinner starts at 7:00 and classes begin at 7:45.

We are offering the following two classes this term. You need not be a member of Seekers Church to participate.

Genesis Stories

Led by Deborah Sokolove and David Lloyd

The stories in Genesis ask questions that resonate within us: Why do we feel a divine spark within ourselves? Why do we feel estranged from God? Why do we hate our brothers and sisters? How does God work through us for larger purposes?—to name just a few. As we explore the text in modern English, we will share our experiences with these and other questions. There will be reading and written assignments each week. This class meets the requirement of a Hebrew Scriptures class for those seeking to become a Steward.

Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time

Led by Marjory Bankson and Glenn Clark

Marcus Borg’s book Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time begins with this challenge: “Talk to us about Jesus and make it personal.” Borg had never engaged the text from the perspective of his own story before. And that’s how we will begin this class. What is your story? How have you encountered Jesus at different times in your life?

Borg focuses on three overarching stories in the Hebrew Testament: the Exodus, the Priestly period and the Exile period. We will examine those as frameworks through which a community might encounter Jesus. Through this mosaic of stories, we hope you will be able to meet Jesus again with fresh eyes. We will be using Borg’s book and the Bible as texts. Come join us for the journey!

Carroll Cafe -- Friday, October 12