“God’s Best vs the World’s Good” by Jim Dickerson

The last couple of weeks it’s been—I’ve had to do with the most sadness have had to deal with in my life. And I’ve had my grandfather die, my brothers die and stuff. But you know, a dog that I absolutely adored and loved for the last 16 years, we had to put him down. And Ripkin had become—I’ve been bringing Ripkin into this church for 10 years, back and forth, back and forth. And so it’s rough to do at the very end. But when he was laying there and about to get an injection I said to him, “Ripkin, there’s nothing we can do to save you. No medicine, no vet, no priest or anything.” He was really bad and so I had to let him go. He was around for 16 years and so I have good memories of 16 years of that dog.

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