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The life of Seekers has three major dimensions: inner journey, community building, and ministry (also called outer journey). Individuals are expected, over time, to grow in all three areas; Seekers Church aims at growing in all three areas.

Inner Journey

Individual Seekers are highly diverse in their paths and techniques for growing their inner lives. Seekers assumes traveling the inner journey will lead to ministry. This is why Seekers spends a lot of time talking about gifts and callings.

Most members give some order to their inner journey by committing to specific practices for growing their spiritual lives and by making weekly reports to a spiritual guide. The inner journey commonly includes prayer, meditation, reflection on the lectionary Scripture readings, and journal writing. Many Seekers are also practicing different kinds of body spirituality, artistic expression, or a variety of spiritual techniques.


We gather for worship on Sunday mornings which begins with Circle Time. Circle Time is a time for learning about what is going on in the community, sharing stories of our lives, and learning about other opportunities for connecting and community building.

A core design of Seekers is our commitment to mission groups, small groups committed to a specific call. We ask newer Seekers to first participate in School of Christian Living classes; but you can ask about our mission group life any time.

The School of Christian Living offers adult Christian education classes on Tuesday nights. Classes are typically six weeks long and are intended to both provide content and personal growth opportunities as well as to begin some of the habits and practices of Seekers life.


Seekers Church does not exist to serve itself alone. For Seekers, to be a Christian includes deeply caring about the world and taking up our part of making the world a better place, a place filled with love, justice, and peace. We are a do-it-yourself church and we need people who are willing to find and claim their part of ministry to the community and the world.

One of the secrets of this faith community is that we trust the Holy Spirit to guide us into the kinds of ministry most needed and to inspire members to become the ministers we need.

Excerpt from “A Road Map into Seekers”, click here to read more (PDF format).