A Sermon by Glen Yakushiji

December 9, 2018

The Second Sunday of  Advent

When I read the scripture texts for this week I saw that they were all about John the Baptist preparing for Jesus. it’s an important part of the Christian story but I’m not going to talk about that. I’m reminded of the tenor in Handel’s Messiah shouting in the wilderness; can you hear him in your mental ears? I’m not going to talk about him either.

As I continued to read, the word salvation seemed to rise into focus. The idea of salvation meant a lot to folks in the Baptist church where I grew up but somehow I didn’t get it.…

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“What Will It Take to Make My Life Sacred?” by Will Ramsey

December 2, 2018

The  First Sunday of  Advent

I would like to begin with a prayer which I borrowed from others who have come before us.

Lord, thank you for walking with us through the seasons of our lives.
For summer time, full of warmth and colour
And for autumn days as leaves fall to seed new growth.
For the advent season when we remember both the coming of Jesus
And all those who have come before us.
For the winter, when we are held safe in your arms through the darkness.
For the hope of spring, as we are filled with new promise and life.

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“Attending to Doomsday Decievers or….?” by Kolya Braun-Greiner

November 18, 2018

Twenty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost

One biblical commentary I read gave today’s gospel text an intriguing if not alarming title: “Doomsday Deceivers.”  The disciples have come with Jesus to Jerusalem – and when they see the magnificence of city they are mesmerized. “What large stones and what large buildings!”  It’s as if a group of rural peasants landed in the midst of the glitz of New York City’s times square.  But what seems most ironically humorous is that their experience immediately follows the story of the widow’s mite, who gives from her greatly from her heart of her meager wealth in contrast to the grand material wealth of the city.…

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“Salvation Guidance for Political Action” by Pat Conover

November 11, 2018

Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Some of you may not be aware that the cloth napkins we use for Seekers prepared meals do not wash themselves. The main motive for choosing cloth napkins was to avoid using paper napkins. On the other environmental hand, a minute amount of more water is used to wash the napkins because individual Seekers wash them in regular laundry loads. My point is that Seekers actions have political, practical, and spiritual aspects.

How much does spiritual concern about the stewardship of nature matter for your practical, economic, and political motivations? How much of your spiritual concerns for nature is about deepening prayer practices by escaping for awhile from practical, economic, and political “worldly” concerns?…

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