“Songs of Time and Space” by the Time and Space Mission Group

January 12, 2020

The First Sunday after the Epiphany

We believe that the Holy One continues to speak to us, and that sharing what we have heard with one another enriches our common understanding of the divine voice. In this season between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday, Celebration Circle has invited several of the Seekers mission groups to share their sense of call and ministry. Last week, we heard from Kolya on behalf of the new Earth and Spirit mission group. Today, the Time and Space mission group has offered to preach.

Time and Space grew out of Seekers’ decision to buy and renovate this building.…

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“Epiphanies Everywhere” by Kolya Braun-Greiner

January 5, 2020

Epiphany [observed]

We celebrate Epiphany today, the 12th day of Christmas commemorating when Magi, wise ones or astrologers “observed the star and came in search of the child to worship him.” There is no common agreement as to the true meaning of the Magi – suffice it to say they had a deep wisdom that discerned this sign of the cosmos, the star, as a sign that Christ had become incarnate in the world in the birth of Jesus.  The occasion of their arrival and inquiries around Jerusalem were so spiritually and politically threatening that Herod gathered all spiritual leaders of the city to interrogate them about the place foretold of Christ’s birth.…

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“Sorrow and Joy” by Elizabeth Gelfeld

December 29, 2019


Years ago when my children were young, I taught the first grade Sunday School class with the Interfaith Families Project, and I told the kids the big stories about the Hebrew people and their God: Creation, Noah and the Ark, Abraham and Sarah, the Exodus, and so on. One year there was a precociously skeptical little boy in my class. After I told the story of, say, Noah’s Ark, he would ask, “Did that really happen?” And I would answer, “I don’t know if these things really happened. But what I do know is that there is so much truth in this story that people are still telling it, thousands of years later.”

The gospel stories about the birth of Jesus include many hard-to-believe elements: visits from angels; babies miraculously born to an elderly couple and to a young virgin; a star that moves across the sky, to name a few.…

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“The No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant” organized by Deborah Sokolove

Image of black hole with a blue center, surrounded by starsDecember 22, 2019

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

This “No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant” is borrowed from Rev. Dan Harper, who adapted and modified it for use at First Unitarian in New Bedford from Rev. Jory Agate of First Parish in Cambridge, who got it from someone else. This version was modified by Deborah Sokolove for Seekers Church from the Harper version found at https://www.danielharper.org/archive/?p=40, which says that it is in the public domain.

Parts: Mary, Joseph, Caesar Augustus, Herod, Wise Persons, Stable Animals, Star, Angels, Shepherds, Sheep

Places: Nazareth, Bethlehem, Fields, Jerusalem,

The Christmas story is rooted in old, old tales of the winter solstice.…

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“The Hope of Advent” by Brenda Seat

Image of black hole with a blue center, surrounded by starsDecember 15, 2019

The Third Sunday of Advent

After mission group last Wednesday night, I drove Deborah to the Silver Spring metro so she could catch her bus home. As we were driving, I told her that growing up, the Sundays leading up to Christmas (I am pretty sure the term Advent was never used) were easy. The first Sunday you got a sermon about the Annunciation, the second Sunday was about Joseph and the journey to Bethlehem, the third Sunday was about the shepherds and the choir of angels and the fourth Sunday was about the birth of Jesus and even the Wise Men might get squeezed into that already crowded barn, because more is always better, right?…

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