Broken & Beloved Mission Group

The Broken & Beloved Mission Group (B&B) began in late 2003 as the Healers Group/Healing Group. In place of a corporate mission, B&B supports members’ entrepreneurial work as healers in the world in various capacities based on our interests and training, which include counseling, mediation, expressive movement, music, peacemaking, bodywork, communication, hospice and facilitation. The group helps us maintain alignment between our work and our calls.

B&B meets every other week for worship, prayer, accountability and deep sharing about developing issues and edges in members’ professional practices and personal lives. B&B calls forth a high level of commitment and encourages members to engage in regular spiritual disciplines, including preparation of spirit reports given to the spiritual director. The group goes on retreat twice a year, generally at Still Point, where members share in greater depth and have time to connect with the land and each other. B&B supports Seekers Church by providing reminders that all are beloved, especially in our experiences of brokenness, and by being a resource to the community.

B&B provides a safe space for members to be vulnerable and appreciate our belovedness, while also supporting members in carrying God’s love to each person with whom we work, viewing each as a child of God.